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Cirmy was born from the idea of creating innovative products in Cirmolo wood.
Sustainability, low environmental impact, design with excellent materials are our fundamental values.
Each product is 100% Made in Italy and comes from the continuous research of materials, shapes and structures to ensure a unique relationship between Design, Technology and Sustainability.


The guidelines that we follow for our projects translate into a minimalist design, able to maintain excellent visual comfort in both classic and modern environments.


For the realization of our products we maintain high quality standards and pay particular attention to energy saving, in full respect of man and the environment.


The distinguishing feature of our products is Cirmolo, a wood with therapeutic properties that has a positive effect on the reduction of stress and on the body’s ability to recover.




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Freedom is a truly unique product! It is made of 100% natural Pinus Cembra from the peaks of South Tyrol. It releases an intense and resinous scent in the air, giving you a feeling of well-being. In addition to being an elegant piece of furniture, Freedom makes the air that breathes healthy! Laboratory results show it.

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Moon has curved, simple and light shapes created with two primary materials, wood and glass. The warmth of its light enhances the fragrance of Pinus Cembra giving an atmosphere that touches feelings and memories.

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Lumarell is a wireless and batteryless lamp that switches on when placed on its base Takà.

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Stek is a table light, its light characterized by an indirect and warm light, ideal for creating a soft light point that enhances the  environment in which it is placed

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Stek-on is a floor lamp whos light creates evocative and intimate atmospheres. The rim positioned on the base of Stek-on is made of steel, illuminated by a LED ligh.

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Tol-on is a large floor lamp that produces intense indirect light, suitable for relaxing and comfortable environments.

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Pikà is a small table lamp characterized by the diffusion of reflected light on its circular metal base.

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Tol-on is a large floor lamp that produces intense indirect light, suitable for relaxing and comfortable environments.

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Posà is an innovative table lamp conceived and designed to illuminate the writing surface in an optimal way without being dazzled.

Air freshner

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Cirmolo's air freshner

The fragrance of Cirmolo wood improves the quality of sleep , promotes psychophysical recovery in situations of fatigue and stress. Place this hand crafted irregular cube of Cirmolo on your bedside table, add a drop of Cirmolo's essential oil every now and then and you will feel like being in the middle of a forest.

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Cirmolo's essential oil

Bouquet: resinous, fresh and light, balsamic, woody. Our Essential oil of Pinus Cembra is a certified organic product, for its production the pine needles are processed by hand and the oil is distilled by steam to meet the highest quality criteria. To preserve its fragrance it is recommended to keep the oil in a place with a costant temperature.

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Cirmolo's Flakes

Flakes of Cirmolo, excellent as perfumer to put in a bag or in a bowl adding a few drops of essential oil of Cirmolo Bio. These flakes and shavings of Pinus Cembra are also great for stuffing your pillows at home, to give a more peaceful and relaxed sleep.


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Takà is not your usual wireless charger, when accompanied by the Lumarell lamp it gives it life!

Home & office furniture

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Su&so is a modern table/ desk adjustable in height via an electronic system operated by an elegant touch panel.